Planning Your Event

Planning any event can seem like an overwhelming task, especially when organizing facilities to accommodate any size crowd. Our staff have over 20 years’ experience in the event industry, and welcome the opportunity to assist with your upcoming event.

Event Length

How many people are attending your event/function?


Traffic Flow

Will use of amenities be sporadic or specific intervals?

Weather & Temperature

Typically in warmer weather, an increase in facilities is recommended

Food & Beverage Consumption

The larger the consumption, the higher need to increase facilities


Special Needs

Are there requirements for disabled patrons? Or Families with Children?

Delivery & Collection

Does the layout allow for trucks to deliver, collect, service amenities? Are there obstacles limiting placement of the units required?

Whether a small family gathering, a wedding, corporate/community event, or large scale festival, effective and appropriate planning is key to your event running smoothly. Most people will use amenities every four hours, however taking into consideration weather, crowd size, food and beverage consumption, length of event, will then increase an event facility requirements. Success is about making your guests feel comfortable, and Event Portables Australia is here to assist.

Below is guide of Portable Toilet Units Required based on Event Length and Guests Attending, based on an even mix of men and women. If alcohol is being served at the event, we recommend increasing the units by 10-20 per cent. If there are specific intervals at the event causing more people to use the facilities at once, more units will need to be added. Many people planning events often forget to include any staff, volunteers, contractors, entertainers throughout their planning process, furthermore the requirements for any disabled patrons.


Using the above table as a basic guide can help with moving forward for planning your special event. Furthermore, Event Portables Australia can also assist with a wide variation of VIP Units, Trailer Units for easy maneuverability, and portable urinals. We are more than happy to discuss with you your requirements should have any further questions regarding your planning process and amenity requirements.